Operators want more then 3+ car washes…. WTF!!!!!!!!! :)


Need proof no one reads long or short spam or bulk mail?  It does not matter who it is from.  🙂  This was from the PRESIDENT of SECWA…..? Jim Rooney?

“Today’s operator flavor owns 3+ car washes and wants to add more.”  LOL  🙂

All kidding aside….  To paraphrase in my opinion what President Jim Rooney said in his State of the Industry paragraph…. All operators use to own 1-2 self-serves or full-serve washes in 2005…. now in 2015….  operators own 3+ washes and want to own more!  But the same operators are shifting to expresses with some flex-serves “on the sidelines”.

So SECWA sounds like they are converting to a flex service abandoning self-service people.  Jim also did mention self-serves converting them to gates.  Then also mentioned IBA…. but stated “IBAs converting”?  I assume to expresses?  Not sure what Jim owns?  I would assume Jim owns 3 expresses and he wants to purchase more?  LOL  🙂

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