Has anyone seen this vacuum on ebay before?

Some legit brand also sells a dual vac…. I think it is the worse idea ever. Especially at the insane price of $7000…. I do not care if it is a fragrances vac, a shampooer vac and a dual normal vac…. it does not have an air machine also! JK 🙂 Plus even though it is a direct copy of a Coleman vac…. only his using a cheaper Harbor Freight compressor…. it seems silly. Customers get confused with just one vac and one person using it!

It also looks like this guy might purchase the doors directly from Coleman’s supplier? Looks like there is no protection behind the sticker? But all that really does not matter! I think this guy is great! Pretty much every car wash owner (including me) makes fun and hates certain car wash equipment. This guy just built his own stuff! Which really anyone could do…. but everyone rather cry about stuff. My only question is why on Earth does everyone charge over $4000? Just saying?

This guy also fixed or attempted to fix a major flaw with Jim Coleman vacuums. I actually wonder if the guy worked or works for Jim? Fragramatics vacs are one of the best with fixing another obvious flaw with Coleman round vacs. Coleman oval vacs I would rank as slightly better. Doyle is another brand Coleman can copy on some stuff.



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