Pictures of High Yield Northern Car Wash Bays…. Entitled “Bay Views”

Kate Carr must have run to far in her marathon?  🙂  This is the exact reason I NEVER run!  🙂  The link she gave for pictures in her SSCWN article was…. come on…. this is like saying try  🙂  I really like bay pictures…. I actually have a collect of my own.  (Not fancy style…. just showing equipment from random car washes…. you can see some here.)

But Mark Lyon’s collection or links are below:

I actually did not know there was a market for car wash pictures like Mark’s…. I have never seen any images like his.  I can not say Mark’s are good or bad?  But I do prefer the more artistic images of car washes on flickr if your into that sort of thing?:  (Over seas)

Frederick Avenue CAR WASHOmni car washManchester Car WashSoft wash #23/365

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