You know what really makes me really angry? :)

Is it just me or is this what happens every time?




I really love this grinder so far…. I have burnt out a little Dewalt grinder¬†like this one¬†then purchased a couple others…. ¬†But this Bosch 9 inch large angle grinder¬†is pretty awesome…. if you want to grind through anything!


Only problem¬†with the grinder is the length…. it is 26″ from the tip of the shield to the cord. ¬†Almost as large as my kid. ¬†LOL ¬†ūüôā

It has more horsepower then my work car at 4hp…. ¬†The DEWALT D28499X¬†has 5.3 horsepower…. ¬†The Dewalt is cheaper also…. I forgot why I thought the Bosch was better? ¬†Maybe I try never to purchase Dewalt? ¬†ūüôā ¬†No…. I think Bosch just usually has better stuff in general? ¬†I actually only purchase Dewalt products because they come/came in hard boxes…. which they look like they are getting cheap and starting to go with bags? ¬†Like this device? DEWALT DCS355D¬† Which I think is one of the leading devices¬†in that category of knock off Fein products?¬† Apparently Fein’s patent ran out? ¬†I can not remember everything! ¬†ūüôā

But now Dewalt has kind of a conflict of interest? ¬†They use to have the hard cases for everything…. even multi-packs. ¬†Then they switched to bags for multi-pack. ¬†But it seems that Bosch and others…. came out with stuff like the¬†lboxx. ¬†Now¬†Dewalt has 2 systems the tough system¬†and the tstak…. ¬†I looked at both online. ¬†No one sells them locally so I decided to not bother. ¬†I like the tough system though because of the water proof aspect. ¬†They have also gotten cheaper so they seem more appealing?

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