Kleen-Rite usually simplifies things….

But what does IPT mean? You automatically know what “PT” means? Then after you figure out what IPT means…. you realize who cares if it means “Iron Pipe Thread”?
This site had all the info you would need.  http://pipeandhose.com/

NPT threads are also sometimes referred to as:
MIP (Male Iron Pipe), FIP (Female Iron Pipe), IPT (Iron Pipe Thread), FPT (Female Pipe Thread), MPT (Male Pipe Thread)

Usually KR is really good at making everything easy and only carries a limited useful selection needed by car wash owners. But the problem with KR’s description is they should have the exact same fittings above these on the same page? Which added to the confusion. KR seems to neglect the fitting section for easy of use…. they do not describe everything and you have to guess sometimes. I am using issue 54…. whatever that means? 🙂

UPDATE 20150102 Issue 54 page 543.  This might help!  🙂


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  1. If you can let me know which page and product your are looking at, I can see if it needs corrected. We do make a mistake sometimes.

    I’d appreciate you pointing me to the description so I can fix it if necessary.

    Love your site!

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