My boom problem


It took forever to figure out what the problem was with the boom.  I installed a new shiny Mosmatic 90 degree swivel and it would still leak.  Took off the swivel and it looks like a good bit of the threads are semi-stripped.  So I really tightened the swivel down and the leak went away.  (This was the first time for that problem, I guess the car wash gods are eating away at the boom slowly and the booms life is coming to an end.)  Since I tightened the swivel more it made the swivel too high so you could not install the high pressure hose (because of the hp fitting).  So I had to make some extra room with my grinder.


While I was repairing the bay I decided to replace all the hoses and fittings.  I used the black hose (6 foot hp hose) in the boom, then a brass coupler, then a 4 inch piece of stainless steel piping (to prevent the boom from rubbing a hole in the hp hose), then a brass 90.  After I install that setup I added a 1 foot hp hose (swivel saver), next a swivel and then a 8 foot hose.  You could then do a swivel then the gun, but I left out that swivel.  I am not really sure you could tell the difference. 

This time I purchased these fancy Mosmatic in-line swivels.  They are shinny and look better for now.

Maybe someone could send in your bay setup and I could post some pictures?

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  1. those mosmatic in line swivels rule. we’ve yet to replace one since we installed 18 months ago. worth the extra $’s, for sure.

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