Telco Magic Box problem


I had my first paying customers that I have seen today but the only problem was the Water Wizard did not work right.  The gantry boom would not go down during the wash and the wash would stop before the triple foam function.


About the problem:  The Telco PA11B303T “magic box” works with the transmitting and receiving safety eyes located on the gantry and the cans on the front of the gantry.  When the gantry safety eyes do not read a car the unit will not drop the boom, which was my problem.  But the real problem was my Telco magic box when I switched the boxes the signal indicators were not lit and would follow the box.  So I am going to over night a new magic box to get my automatic to work again.

Proximity sensors problems already?


William replaced the gantry “end of track” proximity sensor along with the “lower boom prox”.  The “end of track” prox tells the machine that the unit has traveled to the end of the track.  If this prox is bad you will know because the gantry will not move but still run though a wash normally.    The second prox replaced tells the “wash boom” when to stop the boom so it will not hit the end of its track.  If this prox is bad the boom will be lower then normal and probably be pressure washing the ground.  Both the sensors are located on the passenger side of the gantry.


This type proximity sensor used above is used in many locations in the Water Wizard.  The Jim Coleman model number is 6626 and the Turck model number is Ni15U-EM18WD-AN6X-H1141 id number is M1634835 .  If you want to look at all the Water Wizard parts for some reason check out this.

Water Wizard Preparation – First car washed! KIND OF!


We washed the first car today!  Well kind of washed the car: the chemical tanks and holding tanks need to be cleaned.  There is no chemical, the air is not connected (that is why the boom is pressure washing the ground in the 4th picture), and I do not have enough water pressure to wash my little car.  I have a 1″ water line going into the building and Greg said that it should be enough to work so we will look at it tomorrow.

Water Wizard Preparation – Anchors


I went shopping to purchase anchors today.  The guide rails (second picture) use 11 anchors per rail and the Water Wizard rails (last picture) use 22 anchors per rail.  So I need 66 x1/2 x 5 1/2″ or 4 1/2″.  I will know after the install guy tells me which one he wants to use.  I also purchased some 1/2 all thread to install the boom and misc. anchors to anchor misc. things.

My boom problem


It took forever to figure out what the problem was with the boom.  I installed a new shiny Mosmatic 90 degree swivel and it would still leak.  Took off the swivel and it looks like a good bit of the threads are semi-stripped.  So I really tightened the swivel down and the leak went away.  (This was the first time for that problem, I guess the car wash gods are eating away at the boom slowly and the booms life is coming to an end.)  Since I tightened the swivel more it made the swivel too high so you could not install the high pressure hose (because of the hp fitting).  So I had to make some extra room with my grinder.


While I was repairing the bay I decided to replace all the hoses and fittings.  I used the black hose (6 foot hp hose) in the boom, then a brass coupler, then a 4 inch piece of stainless steel piping (to prevent the boom from rubbing a hole in the hp hose), then a brass 90.  After I install that setup I added a 1 foot hp hose (swivel saver), next a swivel and then a 8 foot hose.  You could then do a swivel then the gun, but I left out that swivel.  I am not really sure you could tell the difference. 

This time I purchased these fancy Mosmatic in-line swivels.  They are shinny and look better for now.

Maybe someone could send in your bay setup and I could post some pictures?