Installing NOS in my little Honda Fit


Actually, I drank the NOS before I changed my air filter. This how-to is for changing out your air filter in the little Honda Fit. Well, I don’t know how to change my oil so I went to the Express Lube and apparently the car is too new to have the filter in stock. (Why does every car on Earth need a cabin air filter? I thought they were just for nice cars? Also why would I ever want to replace it? I walk outside and I don’t live in a bubble.)

The difficulty level for changing out your air filter is: SUPER HARD


First, find the only place the filter will fit. Second, open place where filter may fit (my car has 4 latches). Third, surprise! you found the air filter.


I guess the filter is dirty enough to replace? I have no idea, they just told me to replace it. Second picture shows a little bridge thing going down (or just pay attention how the other one looked when you removed it). Look how pretty the new filter is! Snap it back up. Super easy! All the car repairs I have done: Change disk brakes, drum brakes and air filter. I also can fix some carwash problems.

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  1. First you make a comment:
    The difficulty level for changing out your air filter is: SUPER HARD
    Then the comment:
    Super easy!

    It looks like it’s easy, but your “SUPER HARD” comment bothers me. Don’t try to be funny, assuming that’s what you intended.

    But, on a positive note, your pictures were very helpful. But I haven’t yet tackled my filter.

    How about adding pictures for changing the pollen (cabin) air filter?

  2. Thank you for posting this! I just followed your directions and it was so easy! Saved myself $50 from the quote I got at the dealership! Jeez. The cabin air filter was even easier, through the glove box. Love it when there’s no tools necessary.

  3. Haha, your filter was DONE. Stick a fork in it… no, rather, don’t…

    Is the filter cheap, like under $20? If it’s in the $30-$50 range, consider making the next replacement a K&N lifetime washable replacement. You can wash it in any of your car washes – just spray on either the K&N filter cleaner or presoak, let soak, rinse down with low pressure water, let dry, re-oil, and reinstall.

    The single use paper filter for my Volvo 850 cost over $30… the K&N was $42 or so, so I got it. Can’t say I regret it, especially with the large amount of construction dust I regularly have to hose out of there.

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