Conversation I had with my Wife

Wife: “Can you drill holes in this for my friend?”
Me: “Sure what size?”
Wife: “Just drill normal size.”
Me: “So what size is normal size?”
Wife: “Just the standard size drill bit.”
Me: “You do realize that drill bits come in literally every size?”
Wife: “But there has to be a standard size.”
Me: “Sure I will use that size….. LOL :)”

I actually “LOL” also…. It is an actual quote.  🙂

The funny part is I ended up using a 3/4″ drill bit…. Which I would hate to jump to conclusions but is not very standard.  LOL 🙂  Maybe in woodworking?  But I am not a carpenter by any stretch!  🙂   BTW The last set of bits I purchased did not even have this standard bit.  🙂  Walter HSS 01E618

(Oh yeah…. I made this with all my wooding skills. I attached a wooden table on top and it is a trendy standing desk (you know you want one also! 🙂 LINK example) They are actually great for working in the basement or work shop…. work bench. It was a good project.)

BTW if you know of a better bit set let me know. I do really like the Walter set though. I usually purchase crap from HD in the past.

I also had a discussion recently which made me wonder why someone goes back and forth so many times to act like they have knowledge on a topic.  It is okay to not know everything.  Listening and asking questions helps you learn things.  Making up stuff gets you in trouble most of the time.  Listening…. Is actually the reason I purchased used equipment from people…. I did not realize I was purchasing used equipment from a distributor. I asked questions and listened…. Listening when talking to someone that knows more then you…. this will help you learn even more. I did. 🙂  (I thought I was purchasing refurbed equipment and the equipment could have been…. but refurbed it a funny word.  I can use compressed air to refub something?  LOL 🙂  Or an actually manufacturer could refub something…. There nmight be a difference? Might not?)