I bet this just bothers me and I am a douchebag? :)

Okay is it just me…. or is it weird that this random guy calls.  He gave me his name but I will never tell you his name!  Well Nathan said…. LOL 🙂  (Like you know him…. Also like there is only one Nathan.  LOL 🙂 )  So this guy calls me 3 times rapid fire and leaves 2 messages back to back…. all critic like…. like I stole a quarter or something! 🙂  His question was…. “Does the car wash have a lost and found?”  Guess what?  He actually did not care what the answer was.

Lets pause for a second here:  YEAH!  If you want to feel better TAKING SOMETHING THAT IS NOT YOURS…. do NOT INVOLVE ME!  Do not call me and do not talk about it with me…. I do not want to know about it!

Well…. I should not say that…. Well technically yes I should…. He wants to keep a “volt meter” (which I think is normal (unfortunately) and believe me someone if not Nathan would have taken the meter.  Plus there is no way I would have gotten the item…. The clean up guy would have thrown it away to be honest.  🙂 ) and I said that we do have a lost and found.  But Nathan told me he will keep it?  WHAT?  Now I need to keep NATHAN’S PHONE NUMBER so NATHAN can keep the meter and feel good about it?  So…. maybe he should have not asked me in the fist place?  I fell better talking about this…. Thanks for listening.  It just seems like people just try and cause me trouble….  🙂  But it is unfortunate I will have to contact Nathan in a month and tell him I need to pick up this awesome meter to donate it according to law…. also our lost and found policy.  🙂