Okay…. So do I get a Vacation after the Vacation?

So we go on a family vacation and at what point did I get to relax?  I forgot?  (That is orange juice and a lemon…. ironically the waiter almost spilt this drink and not my 4 year old son.  🙂 )

I believe every time I rent a place there are always multiple problems…. Lights burnt out, stupid let’s save the environment signs (aka we are lazy signs).   But if the clean up people claim they clean up the toilet…. how can they not notice A BROKEN TOILET SEAT!

I really hate to complain about everything but I could hear the bees eating the place literally!  (There were lots of bee holes.)

Disclaimer…. I am not a safety inspector…. I am also not a dork that checks for bugs in my bed either…. like other unnamed people.  (What would happen if we found bugs in the bed?  Wouldn’t it already be too late anyway?)  Anyway…. I took this picture by accident honestly. Well…. because of the last 2 pictures I have a feeling why the post were just replaced.  But the cinder blocks and the support not being centered?  I am glad I do not own this place if something goes wrong.  BTW…. if something goes wrong I want a cut of the settlement if you use my pictures.  🙂