Environmentally Friendly GARBAGE FIRES! LOL :)

It took 5 years for the New York City MTA to realize they needed to clean up garbage?! They could have asked me…..

Actual proof I did not make this stupid crap up:  LINK

“The reason for canceling the experiment may have something to do with the pace of New York City life, its disposable culture and the premium that residents put on convenience.”  Seriously…. what on Earth does this mean?  Customers (People who use the subway)…. expect a paid service to be clean.  Even if the local government runs it….  Articles like this should help people believe in privatizing government operations?  I said should….. or at least vote for different people?

For such a cultured city which is so intuned with Mother Earth…. how would they allow for garbage fires and garbage to be even a problem at any of their  472 station?

Conclusion:  “The agency says the cleaning effort has resulted in the number of track fires dropping by 41 percent.”
My conclusion:  …..”NO SH>>!  How about increasing the receptacles also?”


This may be a mildly interesting experiment relating to your car wash.  They also claimed a success when they only removed receptacles for 2 stations….  which is interesting.  But the problem with this conclusion is it is government run and what stations did they select?  The most elite passenger stops…. or in the ghetto?  Probably the ghetto….  When they increased the sample to 39 stations everything fell apart apparently?   People should throw their garbage aways at their residence or where they purchased the item…. sure on paper this is a fact!  Why do people drive to my business to dump McDonalds garbage?  No clue…. but unfortunately you have to deal with it.  Also I did not judge any government employee in this post…. I wish everyday I got a government job.