Things I dislike about Kleen-Rite’s Website PART 2

So I was using this web site and it has changed very little from last time I used the site.
Okay my problems now…. I use Chrome. Like you should. 🙂
I had to push the “Add to Cart” multiple times randomly…. also the “Related Products” “Add to Cart” button just does not work…. unless it is a short cut to the home page?
If you add images in the “My Cart” drop down. Why not in the “Checkout”…. which is actually the most important place?


When you get a  new web guy let me know…. I do wonder the percentage of use this site gets?  It is just an annoying site…. sorry.  I HATE the way the search behaves when you want to type in it the most!  Do people use this site…. sure it is better than all the others.  But is better and easier to navigate with all the annoying items for sale.