So I made an order from Kleen-Rite yesterday….. Shipping Again Really?

I would have to say KR shipping in my opinion is not honest.  The “receipt” I received states “*** PLEASE PRINT CONFIRMATION AND RETAIN IT FOR YOUR RECORDS ***”  WHY…. It is totally incorrect!!!!  So the original official shipping I confirmed is $41.63…. UPS Ground.    I would say this is pretty final if you ask me…. but actually no one did ask me!  🙂  At the least someone should have emailed or called.  That is customary for companies to do when they overcharge customers on something.

Then I get 2x “Invoice”s from Kleen-Rite….. with additional shipping charges. So now my total is $175.34 not $162.36 or $12.98 more.  (I did check my CC and KR did charge me the higher amount.)
Sure places make mistakes…. but no one called or emailed me and told me they were going to charge me more money.  I hate to be a little cry baby…. but this is actually one reason I have not purchased from them since 2013.  Shipping cost.

Also a side note…. they should just include the shipping on products like  $12.02 for a < 1 pound item is insane….. I would not have purchased that!  I believe that is what makes this $12.98 increase even worse for me.  Sure the other shipment weighs 60# and if they just increased the shipping for all the items and it was not itemized it would not be so appalling.

Another thing I hate….. why can they not quote greater than 99#?  I do not want to call anyone…. so I just purchased less.  Sure I am stupid…. but welcome to the new generation of people that only use new technology!  OLD PERSON!  LOL 🙂