PokemonGo…. As in GO make me some Money!? LOL :)

Okay so my kids are not obsessed with this game anymore…. But unfortunately still watch the non-award wining tv show.  🙂

I saw this from my wife’s repost of FB.  (About FB if you are not paying them money…. Basically your FB fans do not see your posts.  Just saying.)


It is interesting how the zoo has a whole event which involves no animals and just a game.  This marketing makes since.  (BTW There Dino Discovery…. is an absolute waist of money.  It should be free and I would still want a refund.  🙂 )

Here is an article about the upcoming advertising and how they are going to have ‘sponsered locations”.  But I am not sure now how purchasing a “lure” would help if you do not have a stop near your location?  (I believe a lure only works at a stop?)

Pokémon Go will soon get ads in the form of sponsored locations

UPDATE 20160822: Stupid crap….

Things I hate…. why does everyone believe their political opinions are facts? Both sides think the other side is wrong…. (just one side is wrong 🙂 )  Plus “Trickle-Down Economics” give me a break…. isn’t that just another term for socialism or communism? It just describes the government and how they provide for their friends (top) and the needy (bottom)? LOL 🙂 See now I am as bad as everyone else!

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