PokemonGo…. As in GO…. Call your Parents to Pick you Up!? :)


Sure I remember Pokemon as a kid…. I thought it was…. Well….  Animals living in a ball…. Why? Where is PETA?  Plus the cartoon….  Battles…. Etc.  I missed something…. Or I missed nothing at all.

So with PokemonGo can your business benefit from a stop or a gym?  The user demographics released say yes….  the majority being Women college graduates making 90k.  But logic and reliability seems like no?

My kids like the game (4 and 7 years old).  It is a great concept.  Even if you did not have to walk around in real life…. Or drive.  Probably a better idea also if it did not require movement?  Wait for the lawsuits…. Unfortunately.

I did my own checking today with my kids…. who wanted to check out a nearby park.  The park has over 15 stops and 2 gyms.  They apparently have meetings there also (sign).

We saw (It was an overcast Saturday and it poured 30 minutes after we left.):
-12 males < 40 years old playing openly (with their phone in hand walking around like their phone was a compass and they were lost.  🙂 )
-Maybe 1 female with a male…. Both playing.
-Also 6 kids (<10 years old) playing openly.

I would categorize only 1 person as not living with their parents.

The individual in the picture siting is “battling” (at least that is what my 4 year old said?)…. The individual behind him wondering around is….. Well loss?  LOL 🙂  There was a guy far left and he was the only normal guy there playing a game…. like a normal person and smiled at us.  There was also a guy directly behind us.

As for us…. We were also trying to catch an elusive monster…. A real life lizard!  LOL 🙂  It got away!

I really believe the demographic have to be flawed…. Sure 1/3 are guys that are 18-38. But 90% of the women are really 4-10 year olds. Or males that want to touch a female that makes 90k and graduated from college?  JK (But you can quote me on that.  LOL 🙂 )  Basically my theory is someone has to be installing the app for the age bracket the game is made for…. 4-15?  Plus the game requires GPS and how many 4-10 year olds have a cell phone?  The kids unfortunately have to use their parents current phones or extra phones.

Honestly anyone male over 16 should be playing ingress right?  I understand if you played Pokemon as a kid but…. Animals in a ball?  Plus the tv show?  It is a kids show…. just like Star Wars. Sorry…. but true.  🙂  I do sympathy I also lived with my Parents late in my life.  JK I love games also.  LOL 🙂

I would say the fact Nintendo is making the Pokemon Go Plus proves the age bracket of the users…. 4-15?  But someone has to drive these kids around…. so you should be able to market to them somehow?