Actually Turned in My Taxes!


I was very surprised it was a great year this year! ¬†ūüôā

Just a note…. you need to have a 1095-a, 1095-b and/or 1095-c or the GOVERNMENT WILL STEAL¬†MONEY FROM YOU! ¬†Supposedly¬†a $600-700 fine for NOT having health insurance? ¬†Why? ¬†It is actually a waste of money for mid age¬†people in good health…. $600-800 a month…. you¬†better get sick!

All I know is the Health Care system is totally messed up…. I worked in the HMO industry as a computer programmer. ¬†I think the¬†largest issue is the Government regulations…. How about that? ¬†Also (I hate to get political…. because I do not follow politics, current events or vote. Which makes me feel better. ūüôā ) but if Hillary Clinton worked at a HMO and was sending emails like she did…. unencrypted…. blatantly defying company policies and not within HIPPA¬†guidelines. ¬†(She did as bad or worse.)¬† Well there is a double standard¬†for politicians and that is why the “do not call list” is a direct list for politicians to market to. ¬†ūüôā

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