Like Paw Patrol says “Ice and Snow I’m Ready to GO!”


Well not the whole Paw Patrol says that…. only the outcast Everest says that.  She is the new pup from the 4th season.  Plus everything closed early today (Ever State run facilities.) and it did snow!    So quit trying to compare!  🙂


I was actually not prepared…. the temperature dropped so fast. I went outside old fart style and had to run to the garage to Transform into Fireman Sam!

Okay…. My wife disagrees with me…. but I think I should wear my Thorogood Hellfire boots to my Daughters next school field trip….. so I could fit in with soccer Moms! Really who said Hunter boots were cool? They are only cool for pressure washing or working in crap?  Plus one note…. running after kids with Thorogood boots was like running in normal steel toed boots.  To compare cheap rain boots…. well I never tried running because I did not want to kill myself.  Just a thought.

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