Minnesota? I thought Broadway Equipment actually sold more units? (Needed local distributors.)


I saw a Broadway service truck today and the truck had Minnesota tags.  I guess that is why you should always ask who is supporting your equipment.  🙂  (I am in Alabama. BTW)

I actually like the Broadway unit…. The Buff-N’ Shine Polisher it does a great job.  Looks like you hand waxed the car.  My problem was they are expensive for a unit you have to babysit.  Really is not fast…. you have to prewash.  Also if I remember right…. the chemicals were expensive?

Actually my Dad – Marc Wilson is a Broadway distributor.  But that has no influence why I thought the unit was good…. it probably does have something to do with him purchasing it?  LOL 🙂

UPDATE:  20160107  I checked out their website and…. they sell lots of random items now.  Maybe they use to years ago  also?  I believe…. I am referring to the “Auto Butler Buff N’ Shine Polisher” being good?  They have a mini tunnel thing, a flex wrap and a touch free auto (does not seem to fit their line of products?)  Not sure what their target market is either?  I thought it was car dealers?  Looks like they are also shooting for oil and tunnels?  All supported from Minnesota I guess….  I am just kidding…. Futura or Specialty Equipment distributors would be able to support the equipment also.  I am just kidding!  Bad car wash joke I know!  LOL 🙂  Well it made me laugh….  maybe you should also?  BTW I thought Minnesota only made cheese?  🙂