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Well I got my copy about a month ago…. I am a little slow.  “Do your Walls Look Ancient?”  Why yes they do….  I believe all car washes look Ancient and outdated.  I guess I am the wrong person to ask?  LOL  🙂  I mean lets be honest…. except the Tommy Wash building.  Every car wash since they have been a box have looked the exact same.  I am also taking about lame express car washes.  (This is why I made the exception for Tommy Wash.)

The only other good looking building which was different and was an exciting design…. I have ever seen was the Lighthouse design. Which Autec had a patent/contract on supposedly?  Tommys wave thing is very cool also but the roof supposedly is flawed?  That is just what I heard…. also having the controls in the wash bay under the flawed roof?  Well that is just the stupidity I heard.