So I lost my flashlight for the 100x time.

I had a headlamp last time…. which I lost.  The light before that was a headlamp…. which I broke.  So I was at a welding gas place and they had this magnet led light (looked like this one).  It was really nice…. I guess?  Heavy…. really bright and the magnet was super strong.  I did not purchase it…. but ever since I have been wanting to purchase a magnet multi-function light.  So I purchased the Nebo 250 Slyde Led Flashlight.  Seems really nice quality…. and heavy.  So I have been shining the light in my eyes and everything.  Seems very bright and I was thinking after I purchase this magnet light…. wait for it…. everything at my car wash is STAINLESS STEEL!  GREAT!  LOL 🙂  Whoops!  I actually think the light will still be very useful though.  The other light I purchased was a ThorFire…. really nice also was on sale for $13 now $23.  But it is also super nice is seems….  has 4 modes fancy.

So if this Nebo light is really a 250 lumens light…. I think half the lumens might be better?  But I have not used the light yet.  It is bright.

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