Hamilton ACW 4 and Hamilton ACW 5 s for sale…. I have 6 I believe?


One box I do not have a picture yet.  🙂  I also can sell you computers for your credit card system.  I had my Hamilton CRC computer break multiple times and ended up purchasing a couple (8-10).  Come to find out!  Swapping out the disk on chip chip to a new board fixed my problem.

Anyway I have 4 x Hamilton ACW 4 boxes and 2 x Hamilton ACW 5 boxes with the push and pull credit card.  I want $1500 for a working ACW4 and $2500 for an ACW5 with the CRC 13-1105 computer (or whatever part number mine are).  I might not have a bill acceptor though.  LOL  🙂

Also have other Hamilton parts…. controllers, coin dispensers…. etc.

It seems the “going rate” is $3000 with a “might work” (broken) bill acceptor…. also if you want free shipping…. no problem the price is $3000.