Hamilton E-Controller Gold Line or ACW? Part # 49-9455


This Hamilton E-Controller is absolutely the coolest controller ever!  Whatever it does?  🙂

You need it for Hamilton’s RFID System, bonus token acceptor and other stuff?  I apparently do not know…. I also could not find any manual for this thing.  Retails for over $1000.  Purchase this from me…. looks brand new…. is new I assume.  🙂

UPDATE: 20150611  SOLD

UPDATE: 20150608 Todd informed me what this e-controller is…. It is now standard on new Hamilton Goldlines. Also this e-controller replaces the main controller, eic and serial converter for only $1234! Actually a really great deal…. I will sell you this for $650 shipped. Even better deal! 🙂
Hamilton Changer Part 05-0053 – EIC Assembly for Gold Line $1695.00
Hamilton Changer Part 13-1136 – GL-ACW for Gold Line > $2000
Hamilton Changer Part 05-0023 or 13-1164 – Serial To Ethernet Converter $403.00


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  1. Are you selling or what’s the price of the four IDX BT800A for different quantity amounts. Do you know how to program them and to program them upside down. When they did the install, the mounted the boxes upside down. Plenty to comment about, but we have to deal with it. The other ones we have are already programmed upside down.

  2. I have 9 never used Hs-2 and 4 GL-ACW that were installed by a client but never used. I am looking to sell the lot at basement pricing just to get them out of my warehouse. Are you interested?

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