Jim Coleman Swipe & Clean 1032S Timer…. YES a 1032S not 1034S


I have 2 and yes I will sell them.  🙂  You either know exactly what is going on here…. or you are saying what on Earth is this pos timer.  LOL  🙂  There is a very small niche market for this time I believe?  I know of only 2 Jim Coleman setups where this timer works?  I have a hint on one situation below.  Do you know both setups?  I bet you do not.  🙂  It is like a challenge!  I also bet there is not a Dixmor replacement for this timer?  I actually have never seen one of these timers until I got it around February this year.  But I never saw them at shows or at any car wash.  Mainly because Coleman does not bring the equipment these timers are installed in to shows.  🙂


Video timer demo:


UPDATE 20160202: SOLD…. my friend purchased both. Good deal also. 🙂

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  1. Please e-mail me if you still have 1032S timer and if for sale. Thank you.

  2. Swipe n Clean and Coleman s–k. We have lost over $40,000.00 over the past three years from “lost” transactions B&C could not find. Ed O’Hanrahan doesn’t want to be held responsible for their “proprietary” software issues either. I am interested in speaking with all other wash operators who have lost money because of the Swipe n Clean processing system operated by B&C,.

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