OH! GinSan that make absolutely no since at all!



If crap was a web designer….. he worked for ginsan and designed their menuing system.  But lets be honest here….. it was someones son.  So at least it should be a good reference for him!  I did websites in college and I believe it helped getting a job?  🙂

But his Dad should have told his son….. “this makes no logical since!  Goto ‘Company’ then ‘Services’ then ‘Technical'”  WTF little son of mine!  Also to be “technical” here you are dealing with 60-80 year olds so there is about a zero percent chance of finding the stupidity that it called the menuing system on the site.    Disclaimer:  This was the nice version.  🙂


I “Technically” asked Dan Kamsickas (Senior Technical Support Engineer, GinSan Industries)  twice when he could have responded in a forum?  I ask where the &*((*$ can I find manuals for GinSan equipment without using google?  Which is actually a good question!

As an aside the design is super bad also.  Using “aXmag”? for pdf files?  Why?  Plus welcome to 2013 GinSan….. try running that crap on your phone?  Why couldn’t you link to manuals from your product page?  Believe me your site is crap.  You need to hire a consultant….. just like CWS….. you guys can send me my consultant check.  🙂