Powerain Status 3000 – For SALE


Fully loaded!

-Spot free
-High pressure
-5/7 spinners don’t spin!
-Rust only shows character!  Just being honest.  🙂
-Works great!
All you need to WOW your customers!
$7000  obo
let the biding war begin!  🙂
Unit makes $1000 a month now as is……
If you have to have an entry unit I have an acw 4 without credit card for an additional $700.

2 Replies to “Powerain Status 3000 – For SALE”

    1. No…. that guy was weird and tried to scrap it for some reason. But it got stollen and blamed it on me? LOL 🙂 I also had a buyer at the time which made even less since. He might still have the controller because he did not want to take it off the wall at the time?

      It really seemed like a pretty good unit…. All aluminum and hydraulic.

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