When Your GPS Device Tries to KILL!


The plan was to donate some stuff to a different thrift store near my car wash so I programed it into my gps.  Well, the gps took me a scary way past “D&W Convenience Store” that just started selling “Soulfood”.   But later down the road I saw another even scarier sign: “Vote Democratic”!  I have never seen one of these.  It hurt my eyes then someone gave me a check…. sweet!  Next I drove by the best business plan ever!  A Package Store called “Package Store” that also does “Budget Tax Returns” for $39.00!  Who isn’t looking for a budget tax return?


When I was in the thrift store I found a real treasure!  The original Reeboxs in the best color!  While driving away I spotted a rent to own place that buys gold and sells rims!  Yes!  The third picture is the owners car I guess?  I was hungry and brave so I went in Hardees, which didn’t want to be out done, so they had scary people and a bald spare tire randomly in the dining area?

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