Hamilton Credit Card Reader Broken! “ Update


Well my plan today was to get my credit card acceptor to work in my Hamilton ACW-5 and to talk to Heidi, a Hamilton tech.  I actually achieved both my goals!  But they do not know why my credit card acceptor is working now.  Let me explain…..

First off Heidi today told me I did not need to install the main wire harness so I wasted $125 on that because some tech did not know what he was talking about, so that is pretty crappy!  Heidi went through some trouble shooting stuff and she wanted me to confirm that the credit card acceptor still worked (I have to take it out of the machine) and she needed to do some more research.  So I took the credit card acceptor out of the machine tested in everything worked fine.  Then I put it back in the machine and everything worked fine.  How annoying is that?  Well, I called back Heidi and she also came up with a solution to try and that was to put a folder or cardboard under the credit card computer.  Apparently the credit card computer and the main case touching can cause some voltage problems on older models of the ACW-5.  So I will have to try this folder trick but I am kind of scared to touch the machine now because everything works again.

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  1. Did any one notice that the top picture shows the black power wire on top and the bottom picture shows the red wire on top?

  2. I didn’t notice that. That would also explain why it worked so erratically. But if I used the correct picture on this post it really doesn’t make sense because from an internal photo http://cwguy.com/?p=4496 it looks like the red wire should be on top. Weird.

    Also I thought that wire harness didn’t allow that to happen. I thought it had a special shape on it. Guess not!

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