2 Replies to “Water Wizard Preparation – Asphalt”

  1. I assume you know to dig down at least 4″ before you pour concrete, and you should use something for expansion between the old and new concrete as well as anchor the two together, otherwise the new slab may sink.


    No, seriously… this kinda stuff happens. The outcome is worth it, so chill out, pour your concrete, and enjoy the new Water Wizard!

    If the asphalt is giving you a lot of trouble, rent an electric jackhammer for the day. That’ll get you through it lickety-split. It’s not worth buying one for this job.

    One suggestion… get a BIG prybar, and do not use your pickaxe for prying. That’s probably how you bent it. It looks like a great lever, but it’s just not able to deal with that kind of torque. Get the biggest darn crowbar with a 7-shaped end you can find, and use that to pry up on the edges of chunks of asphalt. It should crunch off like a big tasteless cookie.

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