Why I HATE ebay.com?


Why is ebay crappy?  I find crap at my house to sell then I purchase crap from ebay.  It is a vicious cycle.  I have always wanted a Laser Disk player and guess what I purchased the other day?  I guess I am having buyers remorse?  I purchased a Pioneer CLD-M301 Laser Disk player which also plays cds and it came with a couple laser disk movies.  This Pioneer is awesome: it weighs 100 pounds and is quite large.  Now the laser disk movies are awesome also: it takes 3 sides of a laser disk for one movie (The Blues Brothers).  Also the disks are shiny and are as big as my head.

While searching the web for a review on my fly new player I found this article from cnnmoney.com  from August 1, 1992.  The title is very long but this is part of it: “What to Buy in the ’90s. Should you wait for high-definition TV?”  I say NO!  This player plugs into my HDTV!  (It is just not HD.)  The player apparently retailed for $650 in 1992 and you can purchase it for $30 in 2008.  Now who is the sucker?  Wait…….

I also spotted this player for sale.  Now this guy is from Canada so….. (insert joke).  But he is trying to sell a CLD-M301 (like mine) for $125.  That seems like a lot of money and this guy listed it in September 3, 2007 and was just renewed again in June 8, 2008 and his listing expires on July 8, 2008.   I wonder if he will sell it before July?  When would a normal person decide “I am NEVER going to sell this.  Only a moron would purchase it!”?

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  1. There is no way that a laser disk is as big as your head. You have a HUGE HEAD! I have not heard from you in a while. shoot me an email and let me know whats up.
    later, Dave

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