Why I HATE ebay.com?


Why is ebay crappy?  I find crap at my house to sell then I purchase crap from ebay.  It is a vicious cycle.  I have always wanted a Laser Disk player and guess what I purchased the other day?  I guess I am having buyers remorse?  I purchased a Pioneer CLD-M301 Laser Disk player which also plays cds and it came with a couple laser disk movies.  This Pioneer is awesome: it weighs 100 pounds and is quite large.  Now the laser disk movies are awesome also: it takes 3 sides of a laser disk for one movie (The Blues Brothers).  Also the disks are shiny and are as big as my head.

While searching the web for a review on my fly new player I found this article from cnnmoney.com  from August 1, 1992.  The title is very long but this is part of it: “What to Buy in the ’90s. Should you wait for high-definition TV?”  I say NO!  This player plugs into my HDTV!  (It is just not HD.)  The player apparently retailed for $650 in 1992 and you can purchase it for $30 in 2008.  Now who is the sucker?  Wait…….

I also spotted this player for sale.  Now this guy is from Canada so….. (insert joke).  But he is trying to sell a CLD-M301 (like mine) for $125.  That seems like a lot of money and this guy listed it in September 3, 2007 and was just renewed again in June 8, 2008 and his listing expires on July 8, 2008.   I wonder if he will sell it before July?  When would a normal person decide “I am NEVER going to sell this.  Only a moron would purchase it!”?

Captain Cook car wash pressure washing machine- double Item number: 270213125165


Check out the Captain Cook Cleaning System on ebay.  I do not remember hearing anything about Cook Machinery Co. Inc., Dallas, Texas at the ICA show.  But I have not gone to the ICA in a while.  This equipment has an interesting design, but with the pictures provided it is hard to judge.  So if you can not afford the iwash system why not purchase the Captain Cook system?

Ebay.com crap, I mean good stuff


At least I thought it was a good product when I was bidding on them. Actually, I thought it was a really good deal if you wanted some sds drill bits. I got 17: maybe you want to purchase some from me?

BOSCH: 1 x 7/16″, S4, 12″; 1 x 9/16″, s4,12″; 2 x 1/4″, S4, 10″; 1 each 3/16″, S4, 10″; 3 x 0.202, S4, 9 1/4″; 3 x 3/16″ ,S4, 14″ Long
Dewalt: 2 x 3/8″ 18″; 1 x 5/8″ , 18″
MaKita: 1 x 7/8″ , 18″
Century: 2 x 3/16″ – 4″


I purchased these from toolsandmorellc (ebay name) and she owns a store close by called “Tools & More” in Alabaster. I have been getting my cones stolen alot recently so I purchased some “Temporarily Closed” tape. At least it will be cheaper when they break or steal it.