Air Compressor problem


I figured out what was wrong with my Dad’s air compressor, it had no oil in it.  So I purchased some compressor oil and it still does not work.  All I have to do to get the compressor working is spin the pump pulley while flipping it on.  This will start the compressor working.  I guess since I ran the compressor without oil, the pump is ruined?  Or is their a way to fix it?

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  1. The compressor pump may not be completely ruined, but the connecting rods will need to be replaced. It’s a lot of work, and you can get a new pump at Harbor Freight pretty cheap and just replace it. Even if you get it spinning it’ll end up destroying itself. When you run it without oil, the aluminum connecting rods actually melt and the aluminum sticks to the crankshaft which makes it bind. Sometimes it’ll just fuse and won’t turn at all.

    Make sure you always break in a new compressor as recommended by the manual, and it won’t run out of oil.

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