Is this possible?


Is this possible to replace the ends of the fluorescent light fixture so I do not need to purchase these commercial bulbs (Home Depot sells replacements)?  The last picture should have shown 2 wasp nests inside the fixture, that is great!


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  1. replacement sockets are easily available , but the high output (ho) design is way better. first a single pin design uses a different ballast, next the single pin design does not light in cold weather. why are you being so cheap as to not buying these bulbs in a case, and having them on hand? any good sign supply house sells the bulbs, and the one we use in the chicago area ( nm sign supply in elmhurst,il. ) is way cheaper in cost than home depot.

  2. Bill, while a bit coarse in his comment, is right – the standard bulbs won’t work well in a bare fixture. They won’t start if it’s humid or cold. You can get HO bulbs by the case pretty cheap if you shop around. If you decide to switch to standard bulbs, you’ll need to change the ends and the ballast, at which point it would be cheaper to replace the whole fixture. I don’t know why they didn’t use enclosed fixtures, but they should.

  3. Bill, I did not know I was being cheap this time. I just want to be able to go to Home Depot to purchase the bulbs. I had no idea there was a difference.

  4. Possibly my comments were sort of harsh, But think of this. If you comsume some general items all the time, you should try to keep some on hand and shop for better pricing . Saves the time and helps lower your overall costs. I have 19 years experience as a manager/mechanic for a chicagoland car wash chain, and 10 years prior to that working for a car wash soap mfr. I also have several friends in the business and we talk all the time. I usually check your site a couple times a week, and deja vu, I see the same situations and problems I have encountered , being posted on your site. I have seen just about all there is to see in the car wash industry.

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