2 Replies to “Looks like a Police party”

  1. That looks like a felony stop. They use as many officers as they have available when they believe the person is dangerous. You’ll notice that the cars are positioned where the drivers can get out, crouch down and be protected from gunfire by the engine block.

  2. because 7 vs. 1 is better odds. We do not fight fair, perps don’t so why should we? I want to go home to my daughter after my tour ends. Who is the one guy in the red truck? Is he wanted for Murder in 4 states? Does he have super human strength induced by the cocktail of drugs and meth he injested? Is he a trained black belt? Who the heck knows, but why should my family go without because some dumbass wants to be a criminal? Or maybe they were all friends and were talking about where the Super Bowl party will be.

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