IDX X10 Has 9 Lives?


I really don’t understand why this IDX coin acceptor hasn’t died yet?  I used to have 4 other IDX X10 coin acceptors and I think they all broke 4 years ago.  What makes this X10 so special?  Why mister X10 do you still work when all your brethren are long dead!  Why can one X10 last so long?  Is it the Magic Duct Tape?

International Carwash Association Trade Show 2010


Fragramatics sells the largest vacuum in the WORLD!  Just what you need… a vacuum with everything on it.  Talk about everything being in a huge knot every time someone uses anything.  Just seems like a bad idea.  Couple that with the unit probably being hard to work on for repairs like the older models.  But I think they look the best in the business though, which is good except for the ugly flower.  Well I thought it was fine until Greg pointed it out to me now I hate the flower.


Just a large air compressor… that’s all.


This was an interesting product.  A basic J.E. Adams vacuum with a credit card reader, bill acceptor and coin acceptor.


A D/H Dilling-Harris self-serve bay in a vacuum stand!

International Carwash Association Trade Show 2010


I really liked this product.  This could replace your neon and stand up to vandalism better.  I lost their show specials but their website says $500 for 100 foot roll.  SunLitz LEDs  by Rain Tunnel not really sure about their name.  SunLiz?  What is that suppose to be Sunled?


I really liked this product!  But he did not have any brochures and business cards so I wrote in on one of my cards and I lost it.  But you can set up the credit card processing through anyone unlike Etowah Valley’s system and you can also get a Hamilton credit card reader for it I think it costs around $2800?  The system is for 6 ports and it costs around $6000?  All it uses is 1 cat5 run to connect and high speed internet and you can repair the credit card reader!


Now I am going to have to try some Microcoin coin acceptors.  These seem great!  But if you look above the coin acceptor there is a little black box.  That is part of the coin acceptor…… that is CRAPPY!  But everything else sounds great.  No tool opening to clear jams and seems easy to program.  Will not jam with really crappy coins, it has a 2 year warranty, and it can be repaired reasonably unlike IDX  X-10 (the guy said $60-$80).  Plus you can program tons of coins and it is not that bad of a price (retails for $219.95).

Coin jam dilemma

Picture 048.jpgPicture 050.jpg

Someone called me and said he lost $0.75 in the vacuum. Then, after I asked which vacuum, he said he lost $2.00 (this always seems to happen when you are nice).  When I get to the vacuum it looks like the last person used a screwdriver and tried to fix the jam.  Do you call the customer back and ask him why he screwed up the sensortron coin acceptor?  Or do you just call and act like nothing happened?  Or do you just not call back?

IDX Coin acceptor problem


My IDX coin acceptor got jammed then someone beat on it until the timer lost power.  After I cleared the jam I noticed the IDX acceptor was giving me the red / green lights of death.  I tried resetting but no luck.