Dixmor LED 7 Car Wash Timer Hack and Magswitch Keychain Magnet

I got a question for you Dixmore LED 7 timer users. Well… This should be about everyone really. 🙂  All the manufacturers basically have standardized on this timer now.  (Maybe if Gin-San had a cheaper repair policy they could have competed better?)  I also would assume all the current Dixmore timers inducing the LED 5 and LED 6 are like the LED 7.

What is the reed style magnet switch in the timer actually for? I always thought it was for resetting the timers. I also assumed from reading…. That it was for an issue with coin acceptors.

Well someone claimed that you could check your coin count with any magnet? But I thought you have to push a button to check the count?  Or use the remote control?

It seems that someone is confused. But Dixmore does not claim the switch has any functionality tied to it?  Which makes me believe it is a security feature…. For the coin acceptors.  Plus why would Dixmore allow you to check the coin count without a password?  Just a thought…..