Not sure if it is true but just passing crap along….

I have heard worse propaganda everyday from more reliable sources…. am I wrong?  🙂  I have also got burned my bad iphones….  So this seems legit.

So last night at baseball / t-ball practice.  This lady on our team went through this long drawn out story about how her Mother worked in technology as a programmer and made her take classes in college…. BLA BLA BLA.  Everyone was chiming in…. Computers suck…. I hate them…. Normal work stuff you hear.

Then she says…. her Mother works at Apple.  She claims her Mother always tells her when or if she should purchase a new iphone etc.  Not to hard to believe…. but very generic information…. But why would someone lie about where their parents worked?  (Anyone could make this prediction also…. According to articles they are having problems with the iphone x and the watch?  This does not matter though.)  Bottom line…. Her Mother said do not purchase the new iphone 8.

Disclaimer:  I have mention I do not use an iphone and do not agree with the leadership at apple multiple times.  But I have talked to my Wife preciously about purchasing an iphone 8 which I would probably not purchase now…. Probably just software issues though?  But I did not ask.