YES this house scared the $%#* out of me! :)

I really like this guy and his sons…. but he asked me if I was “too scared to go to his house without a ____ man.” ¬†I was not sure why I should be scared though? They have shoot outs, sell drugs and rob people over by my car wash…. it should be safer at his house right? I WAS WRONG! He had 4-5 WASP NESTS on his porch! WTF it was a setup! HE TRIED TO KILL ME! LOL ūüôā YES I WAS SCARED! ¬†(I am actually allergic to wasp and passed out and got a free ride to the ER last time I got stung.)

It would have been neat to see this¬†neighborhood back in its prime. I love old houses and these homes now. The houses are also super cool inside and they have great details no builder would do today. ¬†Someone told me¬†the houses are all over 100 years old? ¬†(Which actually could be true because the “city” / mining town was created around 1880.)

(I mention back in the day because both houses next to this house are gone now…. they burnt down. ¬†Along with others in the neighborhood. ¬†Still very cool hood…. I also love the “downtown” aspect. ¬†Which is basically 90% out of business unfortunately for the residents.)

I told this guy he should run for the Birmingham City Council…. it pays basically 75k from 15k I believe (part time job also) and they do not do anything for this district. ¬†If I was a BCC loser I would actually improve the area with my actually income that the BCC is basically stealing from the people of Birmingham…. just saying. ¬†(Sure it would be a little amount of money (75k)…. but better then nothing!) ¬†Actually I would keep 50% because a brother has to wear stupid clothing and purchase boxing gloves. ¬†LOL ūüôā ¬†Politics and all the media needs to just start over at all levels I believe…. I blame it on lawyers.