So this is what we are dealing with?

Personally I have never eaten a Jack in the Box…. nice article though. The article is not about food poisoning though! 🙂 BTW allegedly Taco Bell is a very safe place to eat…. everything is pre-cooked. Assuming servers nominal hygiene etc.

I remember working at a pizza place and everyone would make fun of Taco Bell. Until we had an ex-Taco Bell employee. But we used all pre packaged meats also? Also I always thought pizza places were the best places to eat if you are concerned about germs. Think about it…. the employee takes a dump and does not wash his hands. He makes your pizza…. gross right? Wrong…. it goes through an oven at 600-700 degrees burning everything off. Or I hope that is what happened/happens! When it comes out of the oven no one smart would touch a 600-700 degree pizza! So they cut it and you are ready to eat…. all clean! 🙂