Well I can not help but purchase these things! It is not my FAULT! LOL :)

I feel like I should share my opinion on these Amazon Fire Kid tablets…. If you have kids?

Well Amazon is running a 20% off when you purchase 3 tablets…. sure it is a lot of them!  I tried a couple kids tablets in the past and the “free time” is really the best value anywhere!  Best money spent I believe.  I purchased 2x Fire HD 8 Kids for $130 a piece and got a crappy Fire 7 free this time.  Apparently the Fire 7 has a better screen now?  I now will have 3x Fire 7 and have never really used them…. I just purchase them because I might use them?  Sure that is stupid!  LOL 🙂  (Plus get it with “Special Offers”…. it is just a screen saver.)

I believe my problem is from long ago when there was a time when you had a pda/tablet and your flip phone.  People in this ancient time…. would pair their pda/tablet with their phone and they could do all sorts for crazy things.  Well the same stuff I could do on my PocketPC in a couple years…. this is before whatever phone Apple makes now?

So have purchased these Amazon Kids Editions tablets for years now and I have just pre-ordered my third set…. so 6 of their kid tablets! 🙂 My son broke one and he also unfortunately lost one. Amazon replaces the broken tablet no questions. When we realized we lost my sons tablet…. sure it what crappy.  But we are talking $100-130 instead of $300-400 for a Apple…. so every year now I get the new tablet and sell the old one.  Plus it has free games, videos and books (“free time”)…. I believe it is a no brainer.  My kids review for the year!  🙂  We also just purchase a Pocket Racer…. should be fun.  Bad reviews but of course my sons wants it!  All he ever watches at our house it the Amazon Fire TV when he gets to watch tv…. at my Wife’s parents house he watches tainted commercial broadcast tv!  OMG!  LOL 🙂  (We have the gaming Fire TV…. there is not very many games though.  They claim 15,000 though…. internal memory is crap also.  But I love the device.)