The real problems with a Homeowners association!

Our homeowners association is a total joke for serious reasons.  But my problem is this…. FACEBOOK!  15 posts of bitching and Craigslist post.

My favorite….
“Good afternoon,
I just want to remind everyone (and remind your kids) to use the proper neighborhood access to the nature trail and river. It is located at the end of…. I am an ass Lane. Please don’t cut through other neighbors houses.”

Sure this happened to me…. I cried my self to sleep for a month after I called the Police.  SERIOUSLY I hope this pisses me off this bad one day!  LOL 🙂  BTW I caught someone urinating on my fence (like a dog) also…. I thought that was being GREEN so you have to allow that right?  JK 🙂  I just yelled at him.

Well today…. Some annoying? kid got kicked out of their house to attempt to play the drums.  NO ONE COMPLAINED ABOUT ANNOYING PARENTS POLLUTING THE ENVIRONMENT ON FACEBOOK!  WHY!  WHY!

BTW sure I am acting like a baby (like them) but our family had to stay inside while the onslaught of hidious sound assulted us!  🙂