Unitec E-Systems E-4000 Carwash Entry System

I never heard of this unit…. it has a born on date of 2001. Cash only…. pretty much all the boards look reworked for the Wash Select 2?

Okay…. I have a new theory why people like Unitec units. The amounts for the washes are on displays and not stickers? This is the reason Unitec entry units are cool right?  This might appear modern maybe?  The displays or the slanted door? But the slanted door is a very poor design flaw I believe? Also if you have a new Unitec Wash Select II note the door changes and the cup. Pretty sure the WS2 even have different designs also…. which indicate there is an issue?  Maybe?  🙂

Also the last door I am not really sure it is a Wash Select II door which they claim it is.  But I would assume it is a WS2 door…. it is also different.