Organic Reach on Facebook…. Which refers to how many people you can reach for free on Facebook by posting to your Page.

When hearing people talk about Facebook I believe no one understands you need to pay to contact your customers (just google the topic).  It will just get worse.  Sure FB will get replaced by other social sites…. I believe it is happening now.  But everyone has heard of FB and you have to pay them if you want people to view your content.  It is also not that big of a surprise either is it?  FB also has a very robust ad system.  But free ads and your follower seeing all your posts is gone….. just read about the topic…. you do not need to take my word for it.

This can also become a full time job…. you need to make sure your message is clearer than before 2012 (or around that time).  When every post went into everyone of your followers feeds…. things have changed.  Like everything else.


These images are from a wash with 4 locations and 200 likes and 190 followers.  They were running some promotions for cards and random awarness.  They post regularly….


All there text post had probably an average of 50 people view the post.  With an image it jumped to 100…. with a video 200 (but there was only 1 video 🙂 )  There are articles saying that FB likes videos though.

My believe in this complex social game is this…. sure play the social game.  But invest in a good website.  A good mobile website…. you could pay customers for their information through free washes or gifts and have their actual address or cell numbers.  This information you will never own from any social site…. you will only rent it.  After you own this data respect it…. you should talk about a marketing plan and how to implement one.  Just give me a call.  🙂