OMG…. did I get an bill this month! LOL :)

Well I never check my ebay balance…. but maybe I should? I had a $465.43 ebay invoice!  I really think ebay’s fees are super high. But when I get a bill for $465.43 I need to remember…. They have a monopoly and I have no where else I can sell my very high quality products.  (Well FB is starting…. but FB is covered with spam.)  Wait a second…. you should purchase from me also! LOL 🙂

My ebay user name is cwguycom and my link is here.  Also this is just a FYI.  Ebay takes around 10% of your money and Paypal takes another 3%.  Ebay and Paypal services both give purchasers the exact same protection.  So there’s no reason to go through ebay just to “be protected”…. paypal gives you the exact some protection also.  Also when anyone asks if I can go down in price…. well guess what?  I have 2 additional partners in every transaction listed on ebay.  ebay does seem a little greedy…. I believe?  🙂  Ebay’s website has more ads then a linkbait site!  (website nerd joke 🙂 )  I believe you either have no ads and pay for a service or ebay style ads and have a free service.  But that is just me…. I also HATE tivo with their ads!  Tivo…. I paid you for lifetime service and all I get is ads…. why is this service not free?  Also seems like you sell/give away anonymous information…. seems like tivo service should also be free.  But what do I know?