What is better then a Klopp coin counter? A Klopp “Everything Machine”! LOL :)

I believe this coin counter is >100 years old?  Made of steel, concrete and mine might have never been used somehow?  Mine had the original tags on the unit, box and all documents, extra parts and plastic bags.  But it does not matter…. I wanted something to remove tokens which it does very well.  There are some key things you need to know when operating a Klopp Everything Machine or Klopp ET machine.  The spacer diameter thing with the arrow is how you set the coin.  Also the belt tension thing needs to be like shown.  Also you have to select quarter thickness on the select knob…. but I believe it worked better where is is set?  Or I forgot to switch it back when I tested my tokens.  🙂  The people selling this counter…. sold it untestable because they could not figure out how to get it to count.  Might help getting one super cheap?


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