My Loved Ones are Leaving Me! LOL :)


My Wife tries to explain to me I need to get rid of stuff…. something about hoarding?  🙂  But…. I just really love nice equipment.  I just have to say this…. “I love Hamilton ACWs”….. sorry!  🙂  I really disagree with getting a Goldline also…. the entry unit to get is the ACW 4.  ACW 4 and cryptopay…. or this other cc system.  (Which I have not called them back yet…. But they seem awesome and you are not stuck with cryptopay.  They also do cell service…. best feature ever.)  Plus get a Mars MEI acceptor…. I know Randy might not like me saying this.  But it saved me $10k a year…. well maybe only $100-200 average a year…. over using a coinco.

Just to clarify…. I do not love drop ventors.  But I hate all vending equally!  I am an equal opportunity hater on vending.  🙂  I like making money not losing money?  Disagree all you want…. while you load your crappy time consuming vendor.  Also yes I have used a survend those are the most annoying.  I also know what you are thinking…. “I pay someone to do that for me”…. this just proved my point you make no money.  Check their car and their friends!  LOL  🙂

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