I honestly did not think GinSan made their own stuff. You learn stuff every day! :)


Apparently…. GinSan makes their own…. something? Maybe GinSan makes everything…. IDK? I would think their website would be better? LOL 🙂 They use hand tools, also power tools, CNC, bend stuff…. plus other tools to mark things? Cut stuff and shape stuff and join stuff and weld stuff (tig)! 🙂 They also use 304 and 201 stainless steel!

I really do not like this companies website (top 5 I believe) and I also do not like this companies representative that supports their products on a forum (he might not do it anymore?). The help he lacks he makes up with…. anyway. 🙂 Just my opinion. I also dislike most other companies…. everyone seems to give terrible support in this industry. I also would like to find my own information and not call anyone…. Is this really hard? 🙂

Also since GinSan seems to not have an email address on their site I should include this one for your resume: [email protected] (But they have 2 phone numbers…. which proves my point.)