4 x USED CAR WASH TIMERS FOR SALE?: IDX BT800A or BT800B timers with manual

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This post is for Allen mainly…. so he can marvel at the well crafted IDX Big Time timer.  (To be fair…. I am not sure if they originally came from IDX like this.  I assume they did.  I have some Jim Coleman timers with jumpers all over the place also.)  This IDX I believe retailed for around $575?  The stainless housing was/is extra I believe?  You of course need the IDX RC800 remote control thing for the timer to program it.  Which with this timer…. you just CLIPPED to the leads. Nice!  🙂  On the BT900 you could at least plug it in…. but it might be added by Fragramatics maybe?

Which brings up a great point to what Allen’s comment points out….. before you purchase a vacuum or a timer.  Fragramatics, GinSan/IVS, Jim Coleman….. maybe you should ask for a vacuum WITHOUT their crappy timer?  I like Allen…. and one other repair guy.  But how about just getting a Dixmor timer at the beginning?  I also have not purchased any Dixmor timers yet myself…. BUT it is sound advice! Even Allen eludes to it in his comment.

I have actually had Dixmor timers in my bays and have had no problems in 10 years….. knock on wood!  🙂  But I know IDX and Coleman timers are not as reliable as Dixmor timers.  I have a huge stash of Coleman timers to prove Coleman’s timers are bad.  I only had 2 messed up BT900 timers.  Plus try calling all three places…. I guarantee you want to deal with Dixmor.

UPDATE 2015.05.30:  I sold all four of these timers.  I really did like these timers.  But to be honest…. I purchased them and just never installed credit cards and well…. these timers.  LOL  🙂  My other problem was the plastic housing…. I personally felt the housing needed to be metal.  But the guy I purchased the timers from said he used them with plastic housings?  So I guess plastic is fine?  🙂