USED CAR WASH EQUIPMEMT FOR SALE: Jim Coleman Carpet Cleaner Vacuum 93050 Scrub-N-Vac s1


Needs a  new sticker…. maybe?  🙂  One clean out clip, safe door (I believe they are $35…. but I have not ordered any yet.  I stole this one!  🙂 ), fix dome support thing, also maybe a new brush on the messed up carpet hose?  🙂  Just the stuff I saw…. I want to sell this as is…. as I am not sure if it works well.  I was told “this worked when it was taken out of service”…. so keep that in mind. But I will make sure you have a working timer for $1400.  Anything less and it is as is.  But it is a good Coleman vacuum and not a swipe and clean!  But it was actually not my vacuum so I would have to test it to confirm that it will work.  To stand behind it…. then sell it as is.  LOL  🙂