Holly Crap!!!! TDL Concepts LLC will purchase my vacs for $215!

I am highly interested I just bought 6 IVS vacs this week I would be interested in buying one shampoo vacuum and one fragrance thanks tried calling your number and it does not ring thank you if you could call me for more information and pictures

TDL Concepts LLC

I would offer you 215 each and would pay the shipping. You can Contact me at 919-724-2130 anytime if you would want to sell them or talk about them thanks. Thanks. Thomas Lunsford

Just a note to save you time getting a quote…. Also I will give you $220 each for any multi-function vacuum…. Take that Thomas!  🙂  Also his email and phone number is all over the interweb so one more place will not kill him…. right?  🙂

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